Our products

Briquettes are produced using different materials (FeSi - SiC - FeMn - FeP – FeCr), proportion of the ingredients and shapes (hexagon, cylinder, parallelepipedon), and packed on pallets, in big bags and/or bulked.

The plant has fully-automated production equipments: a modular vibrating-press for maximum accuracy in proportioning and weighing briquettes, a concrete mixer connected to a computer for the storage of all the production "recipes", dry rooms equipped with hot-air fans to harden the briquettes (drying capacity = 500 tons).

We are able to produce any kind of briquette according to the requirements coming from the iron and steel market as well as from other sectors.

Express deliveries in 24/48 h (stock availability 1,600 tons) both of full load and small batches are guaranteed by Eurometa. Eurometa secures the reliability of its products by means of regular checks both on raw materials and final products at all production stages.

All deliveries have their accompanying analysis certificate performed in Cognin or in Flero plant or in external certified laboratories. Furthermore, the company distributes recarburizers and ferroalloys produced and commercialized by Metalleghe Spa to the entire French market.